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My mating ritual. Sup ladies ;)

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"she’s just playing hard to get" 

have u ever considered that maybe she just isnt interested ???¿¿¿

Someone’s not interested in me? OPPRESSION!!!!

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hang on, wait a second

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Anonymous asked: hey so my mom left me and my dad alone for the weekend and my dad made this really gross food but i didnt want to eat it because last time i ate my dads food i threw up so i gave the food to my dog and then i told my dad that it was great food and he said oh good ill make you so more later and now fuck my life because i dont want to eat the food but ill have to eat the food because my dog is getting fat and i need masculism because i need to man up and eat the food any advice?

Does he know you don’t like it? If he doesn’t know, he may make it because he thinks you like it.

If he knows you don’t like it, I’m not sure what to do, because society is ageist and believes that it’s okay for adults to force their children to eat things that they don’t like.

This seems like it’s actually a legitimate problem, so you really don’t need masculism.

Anonymous asked: Thanks for how you responded to the last ask. I'm mentally ill and I hate it when either other mentally ill ppl (or neurotypical ppl on anon?) act like its neurotypical ppl saying everything is ableist, and like it's not other mentally ill ppl who find it offensive. It feels like just another way to dismiss our complaints. Thanks again, and sorry this was off topic.

We genuinely care about our followers. We really do. And the amazing thing is that people who complain to us about things like this assume we mods are all neurotypical. I’m not sure about the other mods on this blog but I am not and I struggle with it daily. Just because one person of a marginalized group is not hurt by a word, phrase, or action does not mean the rest of the group isn’t. It isn’t a difficult concept and we are not going to stop it simply because we get a few angry anon messages from people telling us it’s stupid.

I’m glad you are here and sticking around. We really do care and want to do our best, even if we are a super silly satire blog. *high fives self* yeah!

Anonymous asked: Being mentally ill and having neurotypical people bitch about how everything is ableistic makes me want to puke. And if the word "psycho" is genuinely triggering maybe people should get the fuck off the internet and get some therapy.

I’m just never gonna understand these messages

We tag things to make people comfortable. It isn’t about sheltering people from things that are harmful and no one ever thinks that you won’t run into these things irl it’s just about making their experience online a friendly one that isn’t full of shit that upsets them

Why is this such an issue for people?


as a man i just wanted to comment and drop my manpinion. im a guy and i agree with you, this post gets my seal of approval. as a guy i like girls better without makeup, dont worry, im a feminist too. we exist ok i am a guy. as a man on tumblr i would like to interject to tell you that i am a man and i am with you, i would totally date you. i a m a MAN this is me, a guy, dude here. 

Wow someone quoted me without giving credit what the frick.

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Anonymous asked: Is this a sarcastic blog or do you really believe that you should be able to touch any women's boob whenever the fuck you want to? Please please tell me this is a sarcasm blog that's making fun of MRA because if it is then I love this blog. If this is serious.... then I don't know how to react to such bullshit

Every time we get a message like this a lamb dies.

A sacrifice.

Because of you.

Dwell on that.

You monster.

Anonymous asked: im sorry but i need to ask; it this really a masculism blog, or a feminist blog incognito? if it is a feminist blog, i just have to say you are god damned hilarious and i absolutely love your witty satire. And if its not, you're seriously a dumbass pig. Either way, you got another follower~

Idk about the other mods but i’m just a simple reptile trying to make my way in the world without being eaten by a hawk.

I thought this was an anti birds of prey blog.

What am I doing here?






I’m anti-feminist for many of the same reasons I’m an atheist.

So you don’t believe women exist?

Its okay. I’m an atheist because I don’t believe in something I can’t see or touch. I suppose women are much like that for you.  

Somebody get him some ice.

okay, but a dude has to do it, cause he’s gonna freak the fuck out if he sees some floating ice coming over to him.


This is still great

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